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:satellite: A protocol to quickly transfer software builds (reference Go implementation)

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wharf is a protocol for incrementally transferring software builds over the network using minimal time/bandwidth.

It is used in production at https://itch.io to allow creators to quickly iterate & players to keep their library always up-to-date.

This repository contains the reference golang implementation of the wharf protocol, along with the reference protobuf definition files.

The complete spec is available online, as a book:

And can be contributed to via its GitHub repository:

See also

butler is the https://itch.io command-line tool and is a wharf client. It's the easiest way to try out wharf without having to code anything yourself.

Hacking on wharf

wharf is a pretty typical golang project, all its dependencies are open-source, it even has a few tests.

Regenerating protobuf code

protoc --go_out=. pwr/*.proto

protobuf v3 is required, as we use the 'proto3' syntax.


(containers) and
packages work similarly.


Licensed under MIT License, see

for details.

Contains modified code from the following projects:

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