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Repo to define my use of docker containers on my home network with Reverse Proxy Configuration

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My Home Network/Docker Setup


I have 2 Raspberry Pi 4bs in my house that is running a handful of docker containers to do MISC things on my home network and I wanted to be able to easily reach these services and have a more managed approach. I decided that I wanted to configure a Reverse Proxy to forward all my services under a single domain. This repo is what I have currently configured on my home network, and includes docker-compose yml files, and scripts to set up a similar environment.

NOTE: The docker images below all have ARM tags, so make sure that if you aren't using ARM that the image has the arch you need


  • READ THIS as I followed it very closely (and stole code/files) to do my setup.
  • Bookmark these Repos
  • Have docker installed on your devices
    • Post Install Docker Things
# Create docker group and add user to it (allows non-root to run docker)
sudo groupadd docker
sudo usermod -aG docker `
newgrp docker

Run docker at startup

sudo systemctl enable docker

sudo setfacl -Rdm g:docker:rwx ~/docker
sudo chmod -R 775 ~/docker
chmod 600 ~/docker/traefik/acme/acme.json
  • Create Traefik Proxy Network

docker network create --gateway --subnet traefik_proxy
    • If you want to be able to monitor both Rasperry Pis in the same Portainer instance, you will need to enable a TLS Remote Endpoint

Ok Now What?

At this point you should have an environment ready to start building containers. At this point, you can follow the BLOG(starting HERE) and start configuring to your heart's content.

Few things to point out

  • You really need to take a look at the Traefik configuration section of the blog. More than likely OOB my setup will work for you, but you should take a look at the
    as they are super helpful, as well as the .env file in the
  • I added a
    to this repo as I had a problem with DNS on SOME containers. Mounting this file inside the container (done in the yml files) resolved it (PUN INTENDED).
  • Since some of my services run on a host that Traefik is not configured on, I need to configure a rule to forward those requests. For instance here is how I do it for Pi Hole

Reach out if you want to chat!

I am not even close to an expert on these things, but I was able to hack away to get what I was looking for, and I am pretty happy with it. All my services are accessible outside my network and are secured with Google Auth. Is this the best/safest implementation? NO! If you want to know how I did some of this stuff, or want to chat, hit me up on Discussions

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