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A tiny x86 compiler with ELF and PE target

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Ceed is a tiny open source compiler for x86 Linux and Windows. It can compile a high level language source code into ELF or PE executable. Design and implementation of Ceed is described at:


src - Contains source code for Ceed compiler tst - Contains some test program for Ceed compiler lib - Contains asm code for functions injected in Ceed output


// Linux or Cygwin cd src make ceed


To create ELF executable: ./ceed < To create PE executable: ./ceed -pe <


./ceed < math.e chmod +x a.exe or chmod +x a.out to make the file executable. On Windows, even if you produce a.exe in cygwin, you can only run it in cmd prompt. If you run output file in cygwin, it won't work.


  • Only 32-bit Linux and Windows are supported
  • Code generated by Ceed is sub-optimal and may contain bugs. Only use for learning purpose.

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