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Intel(R) Intelligent Storage Acceleration Library Crypto Version

ISA-Lcrypto is a collection of optimized low-level functions targeting storage applications. ISA-Lcrypto includes:

  • Multi-buffer hashes - run multiple hash jobs together on one core for much better throughput than single-buffer versions.

    • SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, MD5, SM3
  • Multi-hash - Get the performance of multi-buffer hashing with a single-buffer interface. Specification ref : Multi-Hash white paper

  • Multi-hash + murmur - run both together.

  • AES - block ciphers

    • XTS, GCM, CBC
  • Rolling hash - Hash input in a window which moves through the input

Also see: * ISA-L_crypto for updates. * For non-crypto ISA-L see isa-l on github. * The github wiki covering isa-l and isa-l crypto. * Contributing.

Building ISA-L


  • Assembler: nasm v2.11.01 or later (nasm v2.13 or better suggested for building in AVX512 support) or yasm version 1.2.0 or later.
  • Compiler: gcc, clang, icc or VC compiler.
  • Make: GNU 'make' or 'nmake' (Windows).
  • Optional: Building with autotools requires autoconf/automake packages.


To build and install the library with autotools it is usually sufficient to run:

sudo make install


To use a standard makefile run:

make -f Makefile.unx


On Windows use nmake to build dll and static lib:

nmake -f Makefile.nmake

Other make targets

Other targets include: *

make check
: create and run tests *
make tests
: create additional unit tests *
make perfs
: create included performance tests *
make ex
: build examples *
make doc
: build API manual

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