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A ready to use boilerplate for starting big react projects

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Create React App example with Material-UI, TypeScript, Redux and Routing

This is a new version with React Hooks, Material-UI 4 and React-Redux 7 (with hooks!). We use this template for all our new projects. If you want to bootstrap a project with the classic approach without hooks but with class components, you are welcome to use the previous version.


Inspired by:



  • [x] Make function based components and use hooks for state etc.
  • [x] Implement Material-UIs new styling solution based on hooks
  • [x] use react-redux hooks
  • [ ] Hot Reloading -> Waiting for official support of react-scripts

How to use

Download or clone this repo

git clone
cd create-react-app-material-typescript-redux

Install it and run:

npm i
npm start

Enable PWA ServiceWorker [OPTIONAL]

Just comment in the following line in the

// registerServiceWorker();



Enable Prettier [OPTIONAL]

  1. Step: Install the Prettier plugin (e.g. the one of Esben Petersen)
  2. Add the following snippet to your settings in VSCode:
    "editor.formatOnSave": true,
    "editor.codeActionsOnSave": {
       "source.organizeImports": true // optional

Enable project snippets [OPTIONAL]

Just install following extension:

Project Snippet

After that you can start to type

(for function component) and you get a template for a new component.

Project Snippet Project Snippet

The idea behind the example

This example demonstrate how you can use Create React App with TypeScript.


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