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A code generator for array-based code on CPUs and GPUs

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Loopy: Transformation-Based Generation of High-Performance CPU/GPU Code

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Loopy lets you easily generate the tedious, complicated code that is necessary to get good performance out of GPUs and multi-core CPUs. Loopy's core idea is that a computation should be described simply and then transformed into a version that gets high performance. This transformation takes place under user control, from within Python.

It can capture the following types of optimizations:

  • Vector and multi-core parallelism in the OpenCL/CUDA model
  • Data layout transformations (structure of arrays to array of structures)
  • Loop unrolling
  • Loop tiling with efficient handling of boundary cases
  • Prefetching/copy optimizations
  • Instruction level parallelism
  • and many more

Loopy targets array-type computations, such as the following:

  • dense linear algebra,
  • convolutions,
  • n-body interactions,
  • PDE solvers, such as finite element, finite difference, and Fast-Multipole-type computations

It is not (and does not want to be) a general-purpose programming language.

Loopy is licensed under the liberal

MIT license
_ and free for commercial, academic, and private use. All of Loopy's dependencies can be automatically installed from the package index after using::
pip install loopy

In addition, Loopy is compatible with and enhances


Places on the web related to Loopy:

  • Python package index 
    _ (download releases)
  • Documentation 
    _ (read how things work)
  • Github 
    _ (get latest source code, file bugs)
  • Homepage 

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