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This is the source for "": in case you're curious how it was built.

h2. How to Build

  • If needed, install "NPM": ** Last tested version was 6.14.4
  • If needed, install "grunt": @npm install -g [email protected] ** Last tested grunt-cli version was 1.3.2 ** Last tested grunt version was 0.4.5
  • If needed, do a @npm [email protected]
  • If needed, install jekyll @sudo gem install [email protected] ** Last tested version was 4.1.1
  • If needed, install "pygments": ** I have used
    sudo easy_install pygments
    on Mac ** Last tested version was 2.7.2
  • Build + run test server with @grunt [email protected]
  • or build only with @[email protected]

h2. How to Translate

Translation files live in the "translations": directory. Each file is a "2-letter ISO 639-1 language code": and the YAML file extention.

If you're not familiar with YAML, it's a very simple human-readable data format. Each line contains a translation code, a colon, and a value in quotes. The translation codes are the same in every language, and the actual translation on the right is in the appropriate language for the file.

To contribute to a translation, start with "en.yaml": and either "email me":mailto:[email protected] translated YAML files or make pull requests against this repository if you know how.

To test a translation, change the @[email protected] property in "config.yml": before you build. If you choose an RTL language you need to add the line @rtl: [email protected] to the config.

h2. License

"Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)":

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