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Documents of wow API -- 魔兽世界API资料以及宏工具

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这是一个为魔兽世界玩家制作的游戏工具,该工具提供给玩家一个分享游戏中宏命令的平台,也同时提供给玩家以搜索功能。 This is a game tool for World of Warcraft players that provides players with a platform to share macro commands in the game, as well as a search function.


  • 快速创建(fast create)

    • 提供给对游戏中宏命令感兴趣,却不懂的玩家,融合搜索和自动生成的功能,返回给玩家一个命令列表以供选择。
    • Players who are interested in the macro commands in the game but do not understand, combine the search and auto-generated functions, and return a list of commands to the player for selection.
  • 手动组合(create by hand)

    • 提供给熟悉游戏的玩家,通过工具,手动组合出自己所需的命令。
    • Provided to players who are familiar with the game, through the tools, manually combine the commands they need.
  • 分享及搜索(share and search)

    • 提供给玩家一个分享自己收集的宏命令的功能,同时也可以搜索其他玩家分享的宏命令。 -Provides the player with the ability to share the macro commands they have collected, as well as the macro commands shared by other players.




  • 游戏内部api查询
  • 游戏内部事件event查询
  • 游戏内部合法宏命令查询

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