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RescueTime is a fantastic tool for time management. I mainly use it to understand my daily habits so I can become more productive. Unfortunately, the free version doesn't have as much in-depth analysis as I would like. So I built my own charts using their API to access RescueTime's data!

If you have any suggestions for new features, please send me an email. For the best results, be sure to categorize each activity on RescueTime!

If you would like to use the old version, go here!


  1. Navigate to the project page.
  2. Select your data source by either:
    • Pulling data directly from RescueTime using their API key (first tab).
    • Uploading your JSON Files containing your RescueTime data (second tab). (see below for more information)
  3. ????
  4. PROFIT! 💰


RescueTime's free plan allows you to see only the last three months of data. So if you don't own a premium account, be sure to select a range within 3 months of the current date.

If you have a free plan and you would like to analyse a period longer than 3 months, there is a "workaround": * On the first tab you can tick the box to download the JSON file containing data for the selected range. I usually download my data once a month (e.g. in May, I download the data for April) and store the files in Dropbox. (watch video 0:13) * To merge the JSON files you downloaded on the first tab, go to the third tab and select the files you would like to merge. Note that the files must all be of the same type (efficiency or activity). ⚠️ You cannot merge efficiency and activities! (watch video 0:29) * Once you have merged enough files for your desired range, you can now upload it on the second tab to analyse your data. (watch video 0:25)


Pull requests for bug fixes are welcome. If you want to add a new feature, just open an issue beforehand so we can discuss the feature together.

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Example displaying 16 months of RescueTime data. alt tag

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