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SSDB - A fast NoSQL database, an alternative to Redis

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SSDB - A Redis compatible NoSQL database stored on disk

Author Platform NoSQL License

SSDB is a high performace key-value(key-string, key-zset, key-hashmap) NoSQL database, an alternative to Redis.

SSDB is stable, production-ready and is widely used by many Internet companies including QIHU 360.


  • LevelDB client-server support, written in C/C++
  • Designed to store collection data
  • Persistent key-value, key-zset, key-map('hashmap'), key-list storage
  • Redis clients are supported
  • Client API supports including C++, PHP, Python, Cpy, Java, nodejs, Ruby, Go(see all)
  • Persistent queue service
  • Replication(master-slave), load balance
  • GUI administration tool(phpssdbadmin)
  • Built-in CLI nagios self-checks

PHP client API example

<?php require_once('SSDB.php');
$ssdb = new SimpleSSDB('', 8888);
$resp = $ssdb->set('key', '123'); $resp = $ssdb-\>get('key'); echo $resp; // output: 123


Who's using SSDB?

SSDB users...


Compile and Install

$ wget --no-check-certificate $ unzip master $ cd ssdb-master $ make $ #optional, install ssdb in /usr/local/ssdb $ sudo make install # start master $ ./ssdb-server ssdb.conf # or start as daemon $ ./ssdb-server -d ssdb.conf # ssdb command line $ ./tools/ssdb-cli -p 8888 # stop ssdb-server $ ./ssdb-server ssdb.conf -s stop # for older version $ kill `cat ./var/`

See Compile and Install wiki


Typical performance

Total 1000 requests.

writeseq : 0.546 ms/op 178.7 MB/s writerand : 0.519 ms/op 188.1 MB/s readseq : 0.304 ms/op 321.6 MB/s readrand : 0.310 ms/op 315.0 MB/s

SSDB vs Redis

Benchmark vs Redis

View full SSDB vs Redis benchmark charts...

Concurrency benchmark

========== set ========== qps: 44251, time: 0.226 s ========== get ========== qps: 55541, time: 0.180 s ========== del ========== qps: 46080, time: 0.217 s ========== hset ========== qps: 42338, time: 0.236 s ========== hget ========== qps: 55601, time: 0.180 s ========== hdel ========== qps: 46529, time: 0.215 s ========== zset ========== qps: 37381, time: 0.268 s ========== zget ========== qps: 41455, time: 0.241 s ========== zdel ========== qps: 38792, time: 0.258 s

Run on a 2013 MacBook Pro 13 inch with Retina display.


ssdb architecture

Windows executable

Download ssdb-server.exe from here:

SSDB library for iOS

make ios # ls ios/ include/ libleveldb-ios.a libsnappy-ios.a libssdb-ios.a libutil-ios.a

Drag the static libraies files into your iOS project. Then add


to your iOS project's Header Search Paths, which is set in Build Settings.


Changes made to LevelDB

See Changes-Made-to-LevelDB wiki


SSDB is licensed under New BSD License, a very flexible license to use.




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