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✔️The smallest header-only GUI library(4 KLOC) for all platforms

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Welcome to GuiLite


The smallest header-only GUI library (4 KLOC) for all platforms.

Why GuiLite


  • ✂️Small: 4,000+ lines of C++ code, zero dependency, header-only(GuiLite.h)
  • ⚡Fast: High Rendering performance, even work on MCU
  • 💉Embeddable: Runs inside Qt/MFC/Winform/Cocoa/Web - Keep legacy Qt/MFC code reusable
  • ⚙️️Hardware Minimum Requirements:

    | Processor | Disk/ROM space | Memory | | --- | --- | --- | | 24 MHZ | 29 KB | 9 KB |

Cross platform

  • Supported OSes: iOS/macOS/WathOS, Android, Linux, Windows, RTOS... or MCU without OS
  • Supported languages: C/C++, Swift, Java, Javascript, C#, Golang...
  • Supported 3rd party libraries: Qt, MFC, Winforms, CoCoa...

Useful features

  • 🔣Multi-language, supports UTF-8;📀Playback Video
  • 🔨Toolkit for building font/image resources
  • 📐Layout GUI WYSIWYG
  • ☁️Cloud + IoT Solution
  • 📊Code Telemetry and Analysis in real time
  • 📦Supports 3D and Web
  • 🐋Run in docker with a single command:
    sudo docker run -it --privileged -v /dev:/dev-share idea4good/gui-lite:latest bash /

Easy to learn and support

Even a C beginner could master GuiLite quickly. The source code only uses basic C++ features (class, virtual function). We chose C++ as it could make the code size significantly smaller and easier to read. - 📚Documentation - How to use GuiLite? - Design specification - How to Layout widgets? - How to build unicode font/bitmap resource? - How to switch theme? - How to dispatch messages? - UML chart of GuiLite core - 📈Learning steps 1. Build GuiLite library 2. Build/Debug HelloXXX demos 3. Read/Modify

code 4. Read/Modify
code 5. Read/Modify
code 6. Build your GUI framework - 📞Reach out us if you have any questions you are welcomed to our developer family. - 🀄️Mirror repository in China

Demo wall

Layout GUI

Run Windows on Linux


Code Telemetry & Analysis in real time

Scroll widget

Video: GuiLite + FFmpeg

Transparent dialog

Swipe view

3D Nets on Windows/Linux

How to use widgets


3D on Web

3D on Web

Tutorial on Web

HostMonitor on Windows

HostMonitor on IoT-Cloud

HostMonitor on Android

HostMonitor on Windows Mixed Reality

HostMonitor on Mac

HostMonitor on Linux

Most of the demos have about 100 lines of UI code, more details here.

📞Community Channel

Thanks for the help from the community, you all make GuiLite better! And welcome to any new friend to join us. - @Twitter - QQ group code:




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