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Visual Question Answering Demo on pretrained model

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VQA Demo

Updated to work with Keras 2.0 and TF 1.2 and Spacy 2.0 This code is meant for education thus focus is on simplicity and not speed.

This is a simple Demo of Visual Question answering which uses pretrained models (see models/CNN and models/VQA) to answer a given question about the given image.


  1. Keras version 2.0+

    • Modular deep learning library based on python
  2. Tensorflow 1.2+ (Might also work with Theano. I have not tested Theano after the recent commit, use commit 0f89007 for Theano)

  3. scikit-learn

    • Quintessential machine library for python
  4. Spacy version 2.0+

    • Used to load Glove vectors (word2vec)
    • To upgrade & install Glove Vectors
      • python -m spacy download envectorsweb_lg
  5. OpenCV

    • OpenCV is used only to resize the image and change the color channels,
    • You may use other libraries as long as you can pass a 224x224 BGR Image (NOTE: BGR and not RGB)
  6. VGG 16 Pretrained Weights


python demo.py -imagefilename

-question "Question to be asked"


python demo.py -imagefilename test.jpg -question "Is there a man in the picture?"

if you have prefer to use Theano backend and if you have GPU you may want to run like this

THEANOFLAGS='floatX=float32,device=gpu0,lib.cnmem=1,mode=FASTRUN' python demo.py -imagefilename test.jpg -question "What vechile is in the picture?"

Expected Output : 095.2 % train 00.67 % subway 00.54 % mcdonald's 00.38 % bus 00.33 % train station


  • GPU (Titan X) Theano optimizer=fast_run : 51.3 seconds
  • GPU (Titan X) Theano optimizer=fast_compile : 47.5 seconds
  • CPU (i7-5820K CPU @ 3.30GHz : 35.9 seconds (Is this strange or not ?)

iPython Notebook

Jupyter/iPython Notebook has been provided with more examples and interactive tutorial. https://github.com/iamaaditya/VQA_Demo/blob/master/Visual_Question_Answering_Demo_in_python_notebook.ipynb

NOTE: See the comments on demo.py for more information on the model and methods

VQA Training

  • See the repo https://github.com/iamaaditya/VQA_Keras to learn how to train new models

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