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A Cordova wrapper around the Sina WeiboSDK for Android and iOS. Provides access to ssoLogin, WeiboSh...

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A Cordova wrapper around the Sina WeiboSDK for Android and iOS. Provides access to ssoLogin, WeiboSharing etc... 简体中文


  • Weibo SSO Login
  • Weibo Logout
  • Weibo Share (WebPage,Text,Image)
  • Check Weibo Client is Installed


  • Cordova Version 3.5+
  • Cordova-Android >= 7.0
  • Cordova-iOS >= 4.0


  1. cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-weibosdk --variable WEIBO_APP_ID=YOUR_WEIBO_APPID
  2. Add
     in your config.xml If you don't add this preference the defualt redirecturi is
  3. cordova build


  1. This plugin is required Cordova-Android version >= 4.0,so using Cordova 5.0 or higher is recommended
  2. This plugin should be used after the deviceready event has been fired!!!
  3. ~~If Cordova version  <5.1.1,when two Cordova plugins are modifying “*-Info.plist” CFBundleURLTypes, only the first added plugin is getting the changes after installing plugin,please check the URLTypes in your Xcode project.You can find this issue here.~~ Update:This Bug is fixed in last Cordova version(5.1.1)


Weibo SSO Login

WeiboSDK.ssoLogin(function (args) {
   alert('access token is ' + args.access_token);
   alert('userId is ' + args.userId);
   alert('expires_time is ' + new Date(parseInt(args.expires_time)) + ' TimeStamp is ' + args.expires_time);
}, function (failReason) {

Weibo Logout

WeiboSDK.logout(function () {
   alert('logout success');
}, function (failReason) {

Weibo WebPage Share

var args = {};
args.url = '';
args.title = 'Apache Cordova';
args.description = 'This is a Cordova Plugin';
args.image = '';
WeiboSDK.shareToWeibo(function () {
   alert('share success');
}, function (failReason) {
}, args);

Weibo Image Share

var args = {};
args.image = '';
WeiboSDK.shareImageToWeibo(function () {
   alert('share success');
}, function (failReason) {
}, args);

Weibo Text Share

var args = {};
args.text = 'This is a Cordova Plugin';
WeiboSDK.shareTextToWeibo(function () {
   alert('share success');
}, function (failReason) {
}, args);


WeiboSDK.checkClientInstalled(function () {
   alert('client is installed');
}, function () {
   alert('client is not installed');


var url = '' + usrid + '&&access_token=' + token;


  1. install this plugin
  2. backup www folder in your cordova project
  3. replace www by example_www
  4. cordova build & test

About WeiboSdk

you can downlaod last weibosdk here .if you find any problem about weibosdk, open an isssus please.


Feel free to contribute


cordova-plugin-weibosdk is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE file for more information.

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