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PyTorch implementation of AVITM

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PyTorch Implementation of Autoencoding Variational Inference for Topic Models

Original Paper. Original Tensorflow implementation.

Much of the code and all of the data is copied from the above repo.

What this repo contains: -
: PyTorch code for training, testing and visualizing AVITM -
: PyTorch code for ProdLDA -
: code for PyTorch graph visualization -
: Tensorflow code for training and testing AVITM, entirely copied from source repo. -
: Tensorflow code for ProdLDA, adapted from source repo. -
folder: 20Newsgroup dataset, entirely copied from source repo.

Note that the tensorflow implementation prints the topic words first, then has to wait a few seconds to print the perplexity, as testing right now isn't parallelized.

Running the code

Code can be run with pytorch 0.1.12. Subsequent versions of pytorch upgraded several interface and broke the code.

# PyTorch version
python --start

Tensorflow version

python -p

Tunable parameters for both scripts:

-f 100   # hidden layer size of encoder1
-s 100   # hidden layer size of encoder2
-t 50    # number of topics
-b 200   # batch size
-e 80    # number of epochs to train
-r 0.002 # learning rate

Tunable parameters for PyTorch script:

-m 0.99  # momentum
-v 0.995 # variance in the prior

If you want to run the tensorflow code, please note that I'm using tensorflow 1.1. If you use an older version there might be compatibility issues (some difference in interface, for example


Sample output

[email protected]:xxx/pytorch_avitm$ python --start
Converting data to one-hot representation
Data Loaded
Dim Training Data (11258, 1995)
Dim Test Data (7487, 1995)
Epoch 0, loss=779.540215743
Epoch 5, loss=682.539052863
Epoch 10, loss=665.758558307
Epoch 15, loss=660.786747447
Epoch 20, loss=646.323563425
Epoch 25, loss=639.089690627
Epoch 30, loss=638.143001623
Epoch 35, loss=632.981146561
Epoch 40, loss=626.119186669
Epoch 45, loss=622.517933093
Epoch 50, loss=619.359790467
Epoch 55, loss=618.568074544
Epoch 60, loss=622.428580301
Epoch 65, loss=613.454376756
Epoch 70, loss=614.152974447
Epoch 75, loss=614.537361547
---------------Printing the Topics------------------
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---------------End of Topics------------------ ('The approximated perplexity is: ', 1152.8633604900842)

PyTorch Graph visualization

Red nodes are weights, orange ones operations, and blue ones variables. Input at top, output at bottom.

PyTorch forward graph

Tensorflow Graph visualization

Visualization with Tensorboard. Gives a better high-level overview. Note input is at the bottom, and output is at the top.

Tensorflow forward graph

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