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Hyperledger Cactus is a new approach to the blockchain interoperability problem

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This project is an Incubation Hyperledger project. For more information on the history of this project see the Cactus wiki page. Information on what Active entails can be found in the Hyperledger Project Lifecycle document.

Hyperledger Cactus aims to provide Decentralized, Secure and Adaptable Integration between Blockchain Networks. Hyperledger Cactus is currently undergoing a major refactoring effort to enable the desired to-be architecture which will enable plug-in based collaborative development to increase the breadth of use cases & Ledgers supported.

Scope of Project

As blockchain technology proliferates, blockchain integration will become an increasingly important topic in the broader blockchain ecosystem. For instance, people might want to trade between multiple different blockchains that are run on different platforms. The blockchain integration framework is a web application system designed to allow users to securely integrate different blockchains. It includes a set of libraries, data models, and SDK to accelerate development of an integrated services application. Our goal is to deliver a system that allows users of our code to securely conduct transactions between all of the most commonly used blockchains.

Run the Examples

Supply Chain Example

git clone
cd cactus
npm install
npm run configure
cd examples/supply-chain-app/
npm install --no-package-lock
cd ../../
npm run build:dev
$ npm start:example-supply-chain
[2020-10-27T00:38:00.574Z] INFO (api-server): Cactus API reachable
[2020-10-27T00:38:00.574Z] INFO (api-server): Cactus Cockpit reachable
[2020-10-27T00:38:00.574Z] INFO (api-server): Cactus API reachable
[2020-10-27T00:38:00.574Z] INFO (api-server): Cactus Cockpit reachable

Once the last command has finished executing, open link printed on the console with a web browser of your choice

Car Trade Example

  • The guidance is here.


  • Project Wiki: Schedule and logs of the maintainer meetings
  • Whitepaper: The official document on Cactus design specifications



We welcome contributions to Hyperledger Cactus in many forms, and there’s always plenty to do!

Please review contributing guidelines to get started.


This distribution is published under the Apache License Version 2.0 found in the LICENSE file.

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