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Small, Sharp Sketch Tool

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We could not find a decent webpage to draw quick line doodles, so here's one. To create a canvas of a specific size, use the url hash, like index.html#720x405


  • ∷ Toggle Menubar Tab
  • ∷ Open Theme ^Shift+O
  • ∷ Reset Theme ^Backspace
  • File New ^N
  • File New(fit) ^Shift+N
  • File Import ^O
  • File Export ^S
  • Filter Correct Escape
  • Filter Clean Space
  • Move Move up W
  • Move Move down S
  • Move Move left A
  • Move Move right D
  • Move Center Q
  • Mode Trace 1
  • Mode Tone 2
  • Mode Block 3
  • Mode Circle 4
  • Mode Horizontal line 5
  • Mode Vertical line 6
  • Mode Dot 7
  • Mode Deco 8
  • Brush Increase Size Z
  • Brush Decrease Size X
  • Brush Erase Shift
  • Brush Drag Alt
  • Effect Invert I
  • Effect Flip F


  • Themes:
  • Support:
  • Pull Requests are welcome!

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