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Wechat Explorer

微信聊天记录导出、分析工具 For iOS


Install via pip

pip install wechat-explorer

Export wechat data from your iOS backup

You may use the free iPhone Backup Extractor or iExplorer. Export the folder named

. There is an folder named
in your exports.

How to use

wexp list_chatrooms ../Documents user_id
wexp list_friends ../Documents user_id
wexp get_chatroom_stats ../Documents user_id [email protected] 2015-08-01 2015-09-01
wexp export_chatroom_records ../Documents user_id [email protected] 2015-10-01 2015-10-07 ../
wexp get_friend_label_stats ../Documents user_id

HTML chatroom records to PDF

wkhtmltopdf --dpi 300 records.html records.pdf



由于 iOS 本身的限制,是拿不到任何数据的。我们只能从 iTunes 的备份中,导出微信 App 的数据,然后通过分析数据,实现一系列的功能(比如导出聊天记录,数据计算等等)。


  • support non-text record type
  • add avatars group members

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