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Fully reproduce the paper of StarGAN-VC. Stable training and Better audio quality .

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This is a pytorch implementation of the paper: StarGAN-VC: Non-parallel many-to-many voice conversion with star generative adversarial networks.

The converted voice examples are in samples and results_2019-06-10 directory


  • Python 3.6+
  • pytorch 1.0
  • librosa
  • pyworld
  • tensorboardX
  • scikit-learn


Download dataset

Download the vcc 2016 dataset to the current directory


The downloaded zip files are extracted to

  1. training set: In the paper, the author choose four speakers from
    . So we move the corresponding folder(eg. SF1,SF2,TM1,TM2 ) to
  2. testing set In the paper, the author choose four speakers from
    . So we move the corresponding folder(eg. SF1,SF2,TM1,TM2 ) to

The data directory now looks like this:

├── speakers  (training set)
│   ├── SF1
│   ├── SF2
│   ├── TM1
│   └── TM2
├── speakers_test (testing set)
│   ├── SF1
│   ├── SF2
│   ├── TM1
│   └── TM2
├── vcc2016_training (vcc 2016 training set)
│   ├── ...
├── evaluation_all (vcc 2016 evaluation set, we use it as testing set)
│   ├── ...


Extract features (mcep, f0, ap) from each speech clip. The features are stored as npy files. We also calculate the statistical characteristics for each speaker.


This process may take minutes !




python --mode test --test_iters 200000 --src_speaker TM1 --trg_speaker "['TM1','SF1']"

Network structure


Note: Our implementation follows the original paper’s network structure, while pytorch StarGAN-VC code use StarGAN's network.Both can generate good audio quality.


tensorflow StarGAN-VC code

StarGAN code

CycleGAN-VC code

pytorch-StarGAN-VC code

StarGAN-VC paper

StarGAN paper

CycleGAN paper

Update 2019/06/10

The former implementation's network structure is the network of the original paper, but in order to achieve better conversion result, the following modifications are made in this update: - Modification of classifier without training problem - Update loss function

- Modify the discriminator activation function to tanh

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