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πŸŽ› Skinnable knob for React.

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πŸŽ› React Rotary Knob


CodeSandbox basic example (uncontrolled)

CodeSandbox custom skin pack

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  • Precise mode: Doesn't jump on dragging (Increase drag distance for more precision)
  • Works in both controlled (recommended) and uncontrolled mode.
  • Support arrow keys.
  • Supports custom skins

Precision mode

precision mode

When precision mode is active (default), a minimum dragging distance is required to unlock de control.

Usage (Controlled mode - recommended)

Similar to controlled mode for HTML input controls, you need to store the value and use the

props to update it. This is the recommended usage.
class App extends React.Component {

state = { value: 50 }

changeValue(val) { this.setState({value:val}) }

render() { return

} }

Usage (Uncontrolled mode)

In uncontrolled mode the component manages its own state. Instead of providing a

prop you should define a default value with the
prop. Use the
prop if you want to be notified when the value changes.
class App extends React.Component {

changeValue(val) { console.log('The value changed to '+val) }

render() { return } }

Non-endless behavior

For some applications it's not a good idea to jump from min to max values. If you need to limit the rotation take a look at this implementation of a limited knob



| Prop | Description | Default Value | |-----|--------------|----| | min | Minimum value| 0 | | max | Maximum value| 100 | | value | Control Value | 0 | | defaultValue | start value for uncontrolled mode | 0 | | onChange | Callback with the updated value | | | unlockDistance | Minimun drag distance required to unlock the knob | 100 | | step | the step distance (when using the keyboard arrows) | 1 | | skin | Skin object| | | onStart | Called when the dragging starts | | onEnd | Called when the dragging ends | | clampMin | degree value to move the starting point of the active area of the knob away from the center | 0 | | clampMax | degree value to move the end point of the active area of the knob away from the center | 360 | | rotateDegrees | degree value to rotate the knob component to have the starting / end points at a different position | 0 (zero is at top |

Custom skins

See defaultSkin.js for an example.

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