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Using xs:code for offering PAID CODE ACCESS


Code access means offering paid access to another version of your code, that is not available on your public Github repository. It works by creating a private repository on your Github account, and connecting it to an item on xs:code. Users who purchase the item, gain read-only access to your private repository. Using code access items is great for offering unique versions of your code with added functionality, special features and more. 

1. Getting started

Here’s what you need to get started:

A public repository  – where you will keep the free version of your code with its core features.

A private repository – where you will keep another version, that will have the added features or functionality, only accessible to paying users.  Make sure you are offering something that is worth paying for.

2. Import your public repository

First, you’ll need to add your public repository, which is the foundation on which you will create your paid items.

Click “Add repository” and follow the instructions. You’ll need to install our Read-only Github app on you repository for verification purposes. 

3. Create an item for sale

Now, let’s create your paid item.
Under your public repository, click “Add item“, and select the “Code” item type.
To connect your private repository to your item, follow the instructions. You’ll need to install our app on your private repository as well – but this time, xs:code will create a copy of your repository on our git servers. Users who purchase this item, will get a unique read-only token to access your private repository.


Choose your item’s pricing and billing model.
Select from one-time payment or recurring subscription (monthly/annual). You can even set multiple prices/billing models per item.

You can create as many items as you like, each with a different price and billing model. We recommend subscription based access billing for code items.


The best place to start promoting your paid items, is on your readme file. 
Use our badge to place a link to your xs:code repository page (Looks like: to notify people who use your project about the items you are offering.

You can also use social media, blogs and developer community websites to publish your paid items.

Need help with PROMOTING your project?

Check our promotion guide, or contact our community team at [email protected].
They can help with setting up your project and help make sure you get as many paying customers as possible.