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This is a free,open-source forums system based on the flask

If you have used maple-bbs before 2017-4-1,please use upgrade script to upgrade data

important ! : please modify script to configure as your own database. #+BEGINSRC sh # session1:old database # session2:new database python python #+END_SRC

** Features + Register & login & forget password + Board and tags + Collect + Like replies + Follow tags,users,topics + Privacy setting + Choice markdown to ask + Tags rss + Avatar + Full text search with whoosh

** Installation

#+BEGINSRC sh mkvirtualenv forums #+ENDSRC

*** Install necessary package #+BEGINSRC python pip install -r requirements.txt #+ENDSRC

*** Config #+BEGINSRC shell mv config.example #+ENDSRC remember to modify config file.

*** Init sql #+BEGINSRC python python db init python db migrate -m "first migrate" python db upgrade #+ENDSRC Or #+BEGINSRC sh python initdb #+ENDSRC

*** create full text index #+BEGINSRC sh python createindex #+ENDSRC *** Create admin account #+BEGINSRC shell python createuser #+ENDSRC

*** Login and visit admin Ok ,visit forums.localhost:8000/admin to add something

** Demo Please visit [[][]]

** License maple-bbs is open-sourced software licensed under the GPL3 license

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