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πŸ‘ GitHub Action for automatically approving GitHub pull requests

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Auto Approve GitHub Action



Automatically approve GitHub pull requests. The

secret must be provided as the
input for the action to work.

Important: use v2.0.0 or later, as v1 was designed for the initial GitHub Actions beta, and no longer works.

Usage instructions

Create a workflow file (e.g.

) that contains a step that
uses: hmarr/[email protected]
. Here's an example workflow file:
name: Auto approve
on: pull_request_target

jobs: build: runs-on: ubuntu-latest steps: - uses: hmarr/[email protected] with: github-token: "${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}"

Combine with an

clause to only auto-approve certain users. For example, to auto-approve Dependabot pull requests, use:
name: Auto approve

on: pull_request_target

jobs: auto-approve: runs-on: ubuntu-latest steps: - uses: hmarr/[email protected] if: == 'dependabot[bot]' || == 'dependabot-preview[bot]' with: github-token: "${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}"


GitHub lets you prevent merges of unapproved pull requests. However, it's occasionally useful to selectively circumvent this restriction - for instance, some people want Dependabot's automated pull requests to not require approval.

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