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A litter of LaunchBar 6 actions

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LaunchBar 6 actions

Custom actions for LaunchBar 6. Brewed myself, juryrigged from old applescripts, or contributed by contributors!

I no longer use LB6 so these actions will no longer be maintained, with the exception of tiny updates. Sorry!

For whoever is interested: I am porting many of these actions over to shell scripts in my dotfiles repo.


Download links are below.

Do not download this repo to install these actions. If you do anyway, you need to run

before any of the lbaction files are ready for installation.


I recommend you also install Prenagha's Action Updates action, for auto-updating actions. All of mine are compatible with his updater.



Version Updated Links Description
Can I Use Download, README browser compatibility search engine
Chrome Incognito Download, README Open a URL in Chrome's Incognito window/tab. Or just open a new window if no URL is passed (by lordlycastle)
Chrome/Chromium Tabs Download, README like Safari Tabs, but for Chrome/Chromium
Convert Base Download, README convert any number from base n to any other base n, where n = 2 < n < 36.
Convert Currency v2.2.5 Aug 28, '16 Download, README
Create Disk Image Download, README Create a disk image (DMG) for passed files/folders (by lordlycastle)
Encode-Decode Download, README actions for encoding/decoding text and files
Enter Path in Dialog Download, README Sets the foremost open/save dialog window to the folder selected in LaunchBar
Get Image in Clipboard Download, README Take image in clipboard and select it as a file in Launchbar
Hastebin Download For sharing text; complete with syntax highlighting
Is Site Up Download, README Checks if a website is up using
Learn X in Y Minutes Download, README look up summaries for different programming languages--great for us polyglot programmers
Number Trivia Download, README gives you random trivia for a number you specify. Leave it blank for a random number
Optimize Image v1.4.3 Jun 30, '17 Download, README Reduces the size of images with ImageAlpha--and ImageOptim if you hold shift
Rate Current Song Download, README Rate the currently playing song in iTunes
Screenshot Download, README Takes a screenshot, optimizes the result and selects it in LaunchBar
Search CDNJS Download, README Search for js/css libraries
Send to Cubeupload Download
Send to Gfycat Download, README share a *.mov or *.gif file on
Send to Imgur Download, README credit to aristdesfl
Set Status Download, README Set your availability in Skype and/or Adium
Shorten URL ( Download, README For
Shorten URL (YourLS) Download, README For YourLS
Sleep Displays Download, README
Strip Tags Download, README Takes text and strips HTML from it.
Temperature In... Download, README Like "Time in...", but for temperatures
Time in... Download, README Get the time anywhere in the world; feed it a city, country, an address--whatever
Timebar Download, README
Toggle Desktop Icons Download, README Hide/Show desktop icons (by lordlycastle)
Toggle Skype Mic Download, README Toggles your mic in a skype call
VPN Download Control Viscosity, or Tunnelblick VPNs (by lordlycastle)

Planned actions

  • Org-mode: search, quickly add note
  • Transmission-remote: list/remove/add torrents
  • Linode: overview of your Linodes.
  • Google Analytics
  • Inline Activity Monitor w/ kill process + system stats (temperature, load, etc.)
  • Smarter image tools: resizing, scaling, converting, etc.
  • Gist: create/search/paste
  • Trello: Search, add, send to, stats, etc.

If you've taken a stab at one of these, let me know!

Other LB6 actions and developers

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