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Insults the user when typing wrong command

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Randomly insults the user when typing wrong command.

Change insults as needed :)

[email protected]:~ $ sl

Y u no speak computer???

-bash: sl: command not found [email protected]:~ $ gti status

This is why nobody likes you.

-bash: gti: command not found [email protected]:~ $ sp aux

Go outside.

-bash: sp: command not found


  • Bash v4 and newer
  • Zsh


# Method 1 - know what you are doing
git clone bash-insulter
sudo cp bash-insulter/src/bash.command-not-found /etc/

Method 2 - I don't care, insult me!

sudo wget -O /etc/bash.command-not-found

Then source the file automatically for new logins by adding the following to

or any of the other locations where you can configure your shell automatically during login:
if [ -f /etc/bash.command-not-found ]; then
    . /etc/bash.command-not-found
Login again and type some invalid commands for the effects to be visible.

Note: You will have to add the script to

if you are using


bash-insulter can be customized, or even be made polite and nice, by populating

environment variables. The values should be arrays.
replaces the default messages, while
appends more messages to the existing ones.

It is probably cleanest to source a file populating the environment variable as needed. In this example I create a file

with the following content:
    "You are so smart!"
    "You look pretty today!"
    "I don't know what to say"

Then source this file before you source the script: ``` if [ -f /etc/bash.command-not-found-messages ]; then . /etc/bash.command-not-found-messages fi

if [ -f /etc/bash.command-not-found ]; then . /etc/bash.command-not-found fi ```

Then logout and in again. The end result is that you will now use your messages instead of the default ones.

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