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phphbaseadmin is a hbase admin web tool,it developed using thrift interface、php CodeIgniter framework .

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phphbaseadmin is a hbase admin web tool,it developed using thrift interface,php (CodeIgniter),python(cherrypy,kazoo),bootstrap,kendo ui,jquery and so on.

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Main features:

   user grant manage
   view table record 
   create table
   batch delete tables
   search table record
   truncate table record
   delete table   
   update record
   delete record
   monitor zookeeper

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. Support CentOS 5.x or 6.x,Uses Apache Hbase or Cloudera Hbase 0.92 or later


  1. apache or nginx,php,mysql server
  2. Python 2.6 or later from
  3. cherrypy from
  4. kazoo from
  5. Apache Hbase thrift server

To Do

  1. hbase 分表监控和其他参数监控。
  2. 所有hbase记录分页浏览。
  3. 数据查询条件增加filter。


(1) execute script or to install apache php mysql-server
(2) Follow the standard instructions for installing and running the HBase server ,start thrift server
hbase thrift start or bin/ start thrift
(3) modify ,$configure['hbase_host']=your hbase thrift server
(4) create database phphbaseadmin in mysql server ,import database/phphbaseadmin.sql,edit application/config/database.php,$db['default']['hostname']、 $db['default']['username'] 、$db['default']['password'] = '';
(5) open http://serverip/phphbaseadmin in your browser, default user is admin ,password is admin888
(6) after the user login,select system->user manager menu to set user table grant
(7) select Tables->view menu to view table record


(1) 使用根目录中的 或者 脚本安装所需环境
(2) 启动hbase thrift server
(3) 修改根目录中的配置文件,修改$configure['hbase_host']=你的thrift server服务器地址
(4) 在mysql server中创建数据库phphbaseadmin ,导入database/phphbaseadmin.sql文件,修改application/config/database.php,$db['default']['hostname']、 $db['default']['username'] 、$db['default']['password'] = '';
(5) 打开浏览器访问 http://serverip/phphbaseadmin,缺省用户名admin 密码admin888登录
(6) 登录后选择 system->user manager 菜单设置用户所属hbase table表的所属权限
(7) 选择 Tables->view 菜单即可查看hbase table 记录。

Future plans


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