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Windows desktop application to manage local video;Support baidu AI, youdao translation;Support FFMPEG video processing;Support multi-database management and statistics;Support skin switching

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Local Video Management

        Jvedio is a local video management software that supports scanning local videos and importing the software to establish a video library, Extract the unique identification code of the video, automatically classify the video, Add tags to manage videos, use artificial intelligence to identify actors, support translation information, Capture video pictures based on FFmpeg, smooth and beautiful application software on Window desktop

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1 Background

Jvedio is a video management software that integrates local video recognition and scanning, picture display, screening, and scraping. At present, the similar management software on GitHub includes: jellyfin, Emby, and the existing software on the market includes : Extreme Shadow Pie, KODI, PLEX, etc.

|Software|Main Writing Language|Support Platform| |--|--|--| |Jvedio|C#|win7,win8,win10| |jellyfin|C#|All platforms| |Emby|C#|All platforms| |Jiyingpai|?|Window| |KODI|?|-| |PLEX|?|-|

1.1 The original intention of the development

With more and more videos stored on the computer, the desire for a good video management software becomes stronger. After using emby and PLEX, I found some problems:

  • Startup method: start a server first, and then use WEB to manage the software
  • Information storage method: Put pictures and metadata information together in the same directory of the movie, which leads to very troublesome information transfer
  • Interface: The WEB writing interface is efficient and simple, but I really hope that the margins, shadows, zoom behavior, maximize and minimize buttons of the form can be fully customized
  • Function: Data filtering is not rich enough
  • Feelings: lack of a video management software developed by the Chinese

Therefore, I developed Jvedio. In order to deepen my understanding of Jvedio and video management, many functions and modules are written from scratch, including interface, function, crawler, database management, etc.

1.2 About the code

I haven't studied C# systematically, but I have heard the name of C#, it can do anything, and it is very convenient and simple, so the code I wrote may look crappy, but it does not matter, I know I will continue to grow , Jvedio will also attract more people to come in and continue to optimize and improve, and I can see a bright future.

There are not many obscure things in Jvedio's code. I try to implement a function in the simplest way.

2 Installation

Jvedio currently does not have an installation package. The software is released and stored as compressed files. After the updated version, if there is no special instructions, you can overwrite the source files after decompression.

3 How To Use?

3.1 For Developer

Please install and open Visual Studio (this is 2019), select Clone Repository, and fill in the repository location

or use git

git clone

3.2 Window User

Please See:Jvedio Introduction

4 Related items

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5 Ways to Participate in Contribution

  • No sponsorship is required, you are welcome to submit Pull Request
  • Welcome to promote Jvedio and let more people use it

6 Function list

6.1 Support Service

  • Specific website search by themselves

|Service name| | |--|--| |豆瓣|√| |Emby|√|

6.2 Interface: supports three skins (black, white, blue)

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6.3 Language: Support Chinese, English, Japanese

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6.4 Multi-Video Library Management

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6.5 Other functions

  • Picture display mode: thumbnail, poster image, preview image, GIF (may be the only video management software that supports GIF)

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  • Abundant filtering functions: with picture/no picture, HD/Chinese/streaming, only display and playable, only segmented video, video type selection

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  • Rich right-click function

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  • Quick navigation function

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  • Intelligent classification

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  • Highly customizable settings

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  • Rich tool library

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  • Batch processing function

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  • Movie library management function

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  • Upgrade

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7 Thanks

Thanks to the following netizens for their contributions in the development of Jvedio 4.0, I hope that with your support,

will develop better and better!


UI 青萍之末, Engine, Erdon, Erik
调试 Sheldon, SHAWN, dddsG, EEE, Jion 等人
赞助支持 小猪培根 等众多网友

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