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penetration testing scripts

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Scripts I've put together to help during penetration tests.

  • - takes a list of full names (as generated by TheHarvester or and converts them into various common email conventions. Attempts to sanitize the names to a "Firstname Lastname" format.

  • - using a google cse api key, use Google Dorks/Advanced Operators to retreive employee names from GitHub. Sanitize and dump to a list. [ Currently Deprecated ]

  • - converts the contents of an OSX .plist file to a crackable password hash. Use Hashcat mode 7100 with the --username flag to crack. Without the -u flag, it dumps all password hashes. Requires root or sudo.

  • - a simple postgres brute-forcing tool. Currently supports only a single username at a time.

  • - a simple tool for directory brute-forcing when all requests return "200 OK". Excludes a range of response sizes and returns all others as valid path directories.

  • - Uses arp to get the IPv6 address of an IPv6 host. Note that ICMP must be enabled for the tool to work.

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