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πŸš‚πŸš‹πŸš‹ A browser with almost no UI.

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A browser with almost no UI.

Cargo is a browser for people that live on the internet and hate mice. Cargo can be controlled using only a few keyboard shortcuts. Cargo only includes the most useful features of a browser, this way unnecessary features can't disturb you while surfing the interwebz. I built cargo, because I did not use most features that my browsers of choice(chrome and firefox) had.

Cargo is still in a very early state, but it is already usable, please help me developing it.

You can use one of our precompiled binaries to try out or install cargo.


  • Chrome: Cargo uses electron's webview tags, which are powered by chromium.
  • Tabs: Like any other browser cargo supports tabs, but it hides them from you.
  • Devtools: Cargo has full support for chrome's devtools.
  • Cross platform: Cargo looks good on all platforms, even the titlebar on windows looks good.
  • Simple: Cargo only has the features most people need.
  • Tab restore: Cargo will automatically restore your previously opened tabs, when you open it.
  • Very cute: πŸš‚πŸš‹πŸš‹ Cargo(delivering the web to your home).


Cargo's homepage on macos




Duckduckgo(the default search engine)


Cargo's about page on windows






Keyboard shortcuts

alt Open menu
ctrl + enter Add www. + .com
command + shift + d / ctrl + shift + d Open devtools
command + shift + a / ctrl + shift + a Open about page
command + left / ctrl + left Navigate back
command + right / ctrl + right Navigate forward
command + r / ctrl + r / F5 Reload
command + shift + h / ctrl + shift + h Navigate to home.cargo
command + h / ctrl + h Open history
command + t / ctrl + t Open a new tab
command + w / ctrl + w Close current tab
command + shift + left / ctrl + shift + left Go to previous tab
command + shift + right / ctrl + shift + right Go to next tab
command + 0 / ctrl + 0 Go to last tab
command + [number from 1 to 9] / ctrl + [number from 1 to 9] Go to nth tab
command + shift + t / ctrl + shift + t Change to Darkmode


Cargo is still very much work in progress, but we can work together to make it the browser of our dreams.


  • Tests
  • Design improvements
  • Settings
    • Search engine
    • Darkmode
    • ...


To build cargo you only need to have nodejs and yarn installed.

Running cargo

Install all the dependencies (this may take a while)

$ yarn

Run cargo

$ yarn start

Building cargo

$ yarn build

Building for a specific platform


$ yarn build:mac


$ yarn build:win32

All platforms

$ yarn build:all


The steamlocomotive logo by twemoji is licensed under CC BY 4.0.

MIT Β© Tobias Herber

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