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The Québecois swear generator

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The Québécois swear generator

A combination of the famous "Lorem ipsum" placeholder text and the iconic french-canadian curse "tabarnak", Lorembarnak highlights the rich cultural landscape of Québécois swears by providing random chains of obscenities on demand.

Stub your toe so hard you can't even think of a curse? Have to write a few paragraphs for a project that really pisses you off? Experiencing a growing frustration as you try to assemble that new piece of Swedish furniture? Simultaneously feeling both irate and international? No matter the occasion, Lorembarnak is there to answer all your text-based needs.

See it in action on the demo site.


Crime de cul de viarge d’ostie de viande à chien de tabarnak.

Mautadit de patente à gosse de jésus marie joseph d’esti de bout d’crisse de gériboire.

Torvisse de maudine de marde de saint-ciboire d’astie de sacrament de tabarslaque de crisse.


Install using with

npm install lorembarnak
yarn add lorembarnak
import { getText } from 'lorembarnak';

// Takes an optional length parameter const randomLength = getText(); const specificLength = getText(10);

Visual Studio Code extension

A visual studio code extension was created. This extension can insert text generated with this lib in your files. To install the extension please read the README or go to the vscode marketplace.


If you have any juicy swear suggestions or think a rule should be added, don't hesitate to open an issue or a pull request!

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