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Easily get the golang syntax tree and modify the code.

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Easily get the golang syntax tree and modify the code.



  • Convert the AST to
    -like types(Kind-Flags), as it would at runtime
  • Collect and package common syntax node types
  • Provides easy-to-use traversal syntax node functionality
  • Easily fetch and modify syntax node information
  • Formatted output modified code
  • Simpler, more natural way of metaprogramming
  • ...

Go Version

  • ≥go1.11

An Example

  • Set struct tag
package main

import ( "flag" "fmt"



var ( filename = flag.String("filename", "out/eg.structtag.go", "file name") src = flag.String("src", package test type S struct { Apple string BananaPeel,car,OrangeWater string E int } func F(){ type M struct { N int lowerCase string } } , "code text") )

func setStructTag(fa aster.Facade) bool { if fa.TypKind() != aster.Struct { return true } for i := fa.NumFields() - 1; i >= 0; i-- { field := fa.Field(i) if !field.Exported() { continue } field.Tags().Set(&aster.Tag{ Key: "json", Name: goutil.SnakeString(field.Name()), Options: []string{"omitempty"}, }) } return true }

func main() { flag.Parse() prog, _ := aster.LoadFile(*filename, *src) prog.Inspect(setStructTag) _ = prog.Rewrite() }

  • The output of the above program is:
package test

type S struct { Apple string json:"apple,omitempty" BananaPeel string json:"banana_peel,omitempty" car string OrangeWater string json:"orange_water,omitempty" E int json:"e,omitempty" }

func F() { type M struct { N int json:"n,omitempty" lowerCase string } }

Task List

  • [x] Basic
  • [x] Array
  • [x] Slice
  • [x] Struct
  • [x] Pointer
  • [x] Tuple
  • [x] Signature // non-builtin function or method
  • [x] Interface
  • [x] Map
  • [x] Chan

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