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React Native Date Picker is datetime picker for Android and iOS. It includes date, time and datetime picker modes. The datepicker is customizable and is supporting different languages. It's written with native code to achieve the best possible look, feel and performance.

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This is a React Native Date Picker with following main features:

📱  Supporting iOS and Android
🕑  3 different modes: Time, Date, DateTime
🌍  Various languages
🎨  Customizable
🖼  Modal or Inlined

Update 4.0.0

  • ✅  No breaking changes

  • New feature: Modal mode


The first option is to use the built-in modal. See code.

React Native DateTime Picker Modal iOS React Native DateTime Picker Modal Android
iOS Android


The second option is to use the inlined picker. For instance in a view or a custom made modal. See code.

React Native DateTime Picker React Native Date Time Picker
iOS Android


  • Xcode >= 11.6
  • React Native >= 0.57.
  • If using React Native 0.64, 0.64.2 or later must be used.
  • If using Expo, SDK 42 or later must be used.


If you're using expo, follow these steps instead.

  1. Download package with npm or yarn
npm install react-native-date-picker
yarn add react-native-date-picker
  1. Install pods
cd ios && pod install
  1. Rebuild the project
npx react-native run-android
npx react-native run-ios

If you're having troubles after following these steps, there might be a linking issue.

Using Expo

Expo is supported by creating a custom client.

  1. Create the custom client:
expo install react-native-date-picker expo-dev-client
  1. Build the app


expo run:ios
expo run:android

Or in the cloud

eas build -p all --profile development

If you're having troubles, read the pinned comment here.

Example 1: Modal

import React, { useState } from 'react'
import { Button } from 'react-native'
import DatePicker from 'react-native-date-picker'

export default () => {
  const [date, setDate] = useState(new Date())
  const [open, setOpen] = useState(false)

  return (
      <button title="Open" onpress="{()"> setOpen(true)} /&gt;
      <datepicker modal open="{open}" date="{date}" onconfirm="{(date)"> {
        onCancel={() =&gt; {

Example 2: Inlined

import React, { useState } from 'react'
import DatePicker from 'react-native-date-picker'

export default () =&gt; {
  const [date, setDate] = useState(new Date())

  return <datepicker date="{date}" ondatechange="{setDate}"></datepicker>


Prop Description Screenshots iOS Screenshot Android
date The currently selected date.
onDateChange Date change handler
fadeToColor Android picker is fading towards this background color. {color, 'none'}
maximumDate Maximum selectable date.
Example: new Date("2021-12-31")
minimumDate Minimum selectable date.
Example: new Date("2021-01-01")
androidVariant Choose from 2 android style variants. "iosClone", "nativeAndroid" Datepicker ios clone variantDatepicker android native variant
minuteInterval The interval at which minutes can be selected. Date picker minute interval IOS Date picker minute interval Android
mode The date picker mode. "datetime", "date", "time" React native date time pickerReact native datepickerReact native time picker react native date time picker androidreact native datepicker androidreact native time picker android
locale The locale for the date picker. Changes language, date order and am/pm preferences. Value needs to be a Locale ID. React Native Date picker locale language ios React Native Date picker locale language android
textColor Changes the text color. ⚠ Colors other than black (#000000) or white (#ffffff) will replace the "Today" string with a date on iOS 13 or higher. react native datepicker text color background color ios Text color background color android
timeZoneOffsetInMinutes Timezone offset in minutes (default: device's timezone)
dividerHeight Change the divider height (only supported for iosClone)
is24hourSource Change how the 24h mode (am/pm) should be determined, by device settings or by locale. {'locale', 'device'} (android only, default: 'device')
modal Boolean indicating if modal should be used. Default: "false". When enabled, the other modal props needs to be used. See example.
open Modal only: Boolean indicating if modal should be open.
onConfirm Modal only: Date callback when user presses confirm button
onCancel Modal only: Callback for when user presses cancel button or closing the modal by pressing outside it.
title Modal only: Title text. Can be set to null to remove text.
confirmText Modal only: Confirm button text.
cancelText Modal only: Cancel button text.


This package supports automatic linking. Usually, the only thing you need to do is to install the package, the cocoapods dependencies (as described above). Then rebuild the project by running react-native run-ios, react-native run-android or start the build from within Xcode/Android Studio. If you're running a React Native version below 0.60 or your setup is having issues with automatic linking, you can run npx react-native link react-native-date-picker and rebuild. In some occations you'll have to manually link the package. Instructions in this issue.


How do I change the divider color?

The color of the divider, separator (or whatever you choose to call it) can only be changed on android for the androidNative variant. To change it, add the following to your android AppTheme. The theme is often found in styles.xml.

<item name="colorControlNormal">#ff0000</item>

How do i change the date order? (To YYYY-MM-DD etc)

The order is determined by the locale prop. Set for instance locale='fr'to get the french preference.

How do i change the 12/24h or AM/PM format?

On iOS the 12/24h preference is determined by the locale prop. Set for instance locale='fr'to get the french preference. On Android the 12/24h format is determined by the device setting by default. Add is24hourSource="locale" to let the locale determine the device setting on android as well. When using 12h mode the AM/PM part of the picker will be displayed. It is NOT recommended to force any specific 12/24h format, but this can be achieved by, choosing a locale which has the desired 24h preference and add is24hourSource="locale".

Is it possible to show only month and year?

This is unfortunately not possible due to the limitation in DatePickerIOS. You should be able to create your own month-year picker with for instance

Why does the Android app crash in production?

If you have enabled Proguard for Android you might need to ignore some classes to get the the picker to work properly in android production/release mode. Add these lines to you proguard file (often called

-keep public class
-keep public class net.time4j.PrettyTime

Two different Android variants

On Android there are two design variants to choose from:

iOS clone Native Android
date time picker date time picker
The so called "iOS clone" looks and works similar to the ios version. It shows normally 5 lines of dates. It is enabled by default. The "Android Native" version looks more like a standard native implementation on Android. The divider color can be changed by adding the following to you Android theme:
<item name="colorControlNormal">#03b6fc</item>
androidVariant = 'iosClone'
androidVariant = 'nativeAndroid'

Three different modes

Here are some more info about the three different picker modes that are available.

Date time picker

Using the datetime mode gives you a react native date time picker where both date and time can be selected at the same time. The todays date will be replays with the string "Today" translated to the desired language. This is the default mode and look like this.

iOS Android
date time picker date time picker

Add the optional

mode property to use this mode. Since datetime is default this could also be exclude.


The date mode displays a react native datepicker with year month and date where the year-month-date order will be adjusted to the locale. If will look similar to this:

iOS Android
datepicker ios datepicker

Just add the value

to mode property:

Time picker

The time mode can be used when only the time matters. AM/PM will be added depending on locale and user setting. It can be useful to add the

to only display the time with for instance 15min intervals. The react native time picker look like this:
iOS Android
react native time picker react native time picker android

Set mode property to

to show the time picker:


React Native Date Picker is a cross platform component for iOS and Android. It uses native code from respective platform to get the genuine look and feel the users expect. A strong motivation for creating this picker was the datetime mode on Android. It's quite unique for the platform and avoids two different picker popups, which normally is necessary. Instead, this datetime mode requires fewer user actions and enables a great user-experience.

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