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Customizable bounce animation for any view like in Clash Royale app

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Customizable bounce animation for any view updation

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Getting Started

In your build.gradle

dependencies {
    implementation 'hari.bounceview:bounceview:0.2.0'


Add animations to any views like so:
Button button = view.findViewById(;
Use BounceView with dialogs:
CustomDialog customDialog = new CustomDialog(getActivity());
//Add animation to custom dialog
BounceView.addAnimTo(customDialog);        //Call before showing the dialog;

PopupWindow popupWindow; ... //Add animation to popup window BounceView.addAnimTo(popupWindow); //Call before showing the popup popupWindow.showAtLocation(parentView, Gravity.CENTER, 0, 0);

AlertDialog dialog = builder.create(); //Add animation to alert dialog BounceView.addAnimTo(dialog); //Call before showing the dialog;

Some cool animations:
//Bounce animation
        .setScaleForPopOutAnim(1.1f, 1.1f);

//Horizontal flip animation BounceView.addAnimTo(button2) .setScaleForPopOutAnim(1f, 0f);

//Vertical flip animation BounceView.addAnimTo(button3) .setScaleForPopOutAnim(0f, 1f);

//Flicker animation BounceView.addAnimTo(button4) .setScaleForPopOutAnim(0f, 0f);

Customize BounceView properties:
Button button = view.findViewById(;
        //Default push in scalex: 0.9f , scaley: 0.9f
        .setScaleForPushInAnim(BounceView.PUSH_IN_SCALE_X, BounceView.PUSH_IN_SCALE_Y)
        //Default pop out scalex: 1.1f, scaley: 1.1f
        .setScaleForPopOutAnim(BounceView.POP_OUT_SCALE_X, BounceView.POP_OUT_SCALE_Y)
        //Default push in anim duration: 100 (in milliseconds)
        //Default pop out anim duration: 100 (in milliseconds)
        //Default interpolator: AccelerateDecelerateInterpolator()


Inspired by and thanks to TheKhaeng's Push Down Animation Click

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Copyright :copyright: 2018 Hariprasanth S

This project is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
You may also obtain a copy of the License at

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