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Kubernetic - Supercharge your Kubernetes clusters

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Kubernetic: Supercharge your Kubernetes clusters.

Deployment of nginx with 2 replicas \(version 1.10-alpine\)


Desktop edition

  • Supports desktop installation on Mac, Windows, Linux operating systems for a single user.
  • Can manage any Kubernetes cluster.
  • Support for multiple clusters.
  • Visualization of Resources with real-time updates, for specific or all namespaces.
  • Visualization of CustomResources and APIResources with real-time updates, for specific or all namespaces.
  • Helm 3 support, with the ability to manage private & pubic repositories, charts and releases.
  • Port forwarding of a workload (e.g. pod, deployment, daemonset) or service.
  • Log streaming of a workload or service.
  • Terminal shell of a workload or service.
  • User management.
  • CPU and Memory metrics visualization.
  • Coming soon: Debug shell of a workload or service (bring your own image with debug tooling).

Team edition

  • Deployment on-site, with multiple users.
  • Single sign-on integration with authentication and authorization os user & groups.
  • Support for Operators, with Operator Lifecycle Management integration.
  • ArgoCD integration, with the ability to view and manage Applications.
  • Coming Soon: TektonCD integration, with the ability to view and manage Pipelines.


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