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My public programs and models - mostly combinatorial problems and puzzles

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Here I will place my public programs and models. Most are available as individual files at different pages of

Here's a summary of the directories so far:

  • aimms: AIMMS system, linear/integer programming and constraint programming
  • ampl: AMPL: integer/linear programming and constraint programming
  • answersetprogramming: Answer Set Programming
  • apl: APL (note: index.html contains codes etc)
  • blog_ppl: BLOG, probabilistic programming language
  • bprolog: B-Prolog, logic programming, constraint programming, tabling, loops etc
  • choco3: Choco v3, constraint programming
  • comet: Comet, constraint programming, linear/integer programming, constraint-based local search
  • commoncpmodels: Listing of common CP problems (just index.html with statistics and links to the models)
  • cpmpy: CPMPy: Constraint modelling system in Python. Supports OR-Tools CP-SAT and PySAT solvers.
  • eclipse_clp: ECLiPSe CLP, Prolog, logic programming, constraint programming, loops etc
  • essencesavilerow: Essence'/Saville Row, constraint programming
  • essence_tailor: Essence'/Tailor, constraint programming
  • eureqa: Eureqa/Formulize, genetic programming
  • frink: Frink, high level programming language
  • gecode: Gecode, constraint programming
  • gecode_r: Gecode/R, Ruby interface to Gecode
  • googleortools: Google or-tools, constraint programming, integer/linear programming, Java, Python, and C#
  • j: J array programming language J (note: index.html contains code etc)
  • jacop: JaCoP and JaCoP/Scala, constraint programming
  • java: Java programs (mostly Project Euler)
  • javascript: JavaScript programs
  • jgap: JGAP, genetic programming
  • jsr_331: JSR-331, Java API for constraint programming
  • julia: Julia programming language (General Julia programming)
  • julia/constraints: Julia ConstraintSolver.jl models (Constraint Programming)
  • julia/turing: Julia Turing.jl models (Probabilistic Programming)
  • k: K, array programming language (note: index.html contains code etc)
  • mathematica: Mathematica, mathematical programming
  • minizinc: MiniZinc, constraint programming. Also G12 Zinc files.
  • numberjack: Numberjack, constraint programming
  • oocalc_excel: oocalc/Excel, some few linear/integer programming models
  • oscar: OscaR, constraint programming
  • pddl: PDDL (planning language)
  • perl6: Perl6 programming language
  • picat: Picat, constraint programming, logic programming, loops, tabling, etc
  • poplog: Poplog Pop-11 high-level programming language
  • popper: Popper, Inductive Logic Programming (ILP) system
  • project_euler: Project Euler
  • psi_ppl: PSI, probabilistic programming language
  • python: Python programs (Project Euler)
  • sabr: SABR, constraint-based planning language
  • setlx: SETL and SetlX, high level set based programming language
  • sicstus: SICStus Prolog, constraint programming, logic programming, loops, etc.
  • swi_prolog: SWI-Prolog, constraint programming, logic programming, etc.
  • unicon: Unicon/Icon, high level programming language
  • webppl: WebPPL, a probabilistic programming language (as subset of JavaScript)
  • weka: Weka, data mining/machine learning, Java files, HTML, and data files (ARFF and CSV)
  • z3: Z3/Z3Py theorem prover / SMT solver

I'll try to keep this repository as updated as possible.

Hakan Kjellerstrand (a.k.a. hakank) [email protected]

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