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Auto Scanning to SSL Vulnerability

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1. A2SV?

Auto Scanning to SSL Vulnerability.

HeartBleed, CCS Injection, SSLv3 POODLE, FREAK... etc

A. Support Vulnerability

- CVE-2007-1858] Anonymous Cipher
- CVE-2012-4929] CRIME(SPDY)
- CVE-2014-0160] CCS Injection
- CVE-2014-0224] HeartBleed
- CVE-2014-3566] SSLv3 POODLE
- CVE-2015-0204] FREAK Attack
- CVE-2015-4000] LOGJAM Attack
- CVE-2016-0800] SSLv2 DROWN

B. Dev Plan

- PLAN] SSL Information Analysis

2. How to Install?

A. Download(clone) & Unpack A2SV

$ git clone https://github.com/hahwul/a2sv.git
$ cd a2sv
B. Install Python Package / OpenSSL
$ pip install argparse
$ pip install netaddr

$ apt-get install openssl

C. Run A2SV

$ python a2sv.py -h

3. How to Use?

usage: a2sv [-h] [-t TARGET] [-tf TARGETFILE] [-p PORT] [-m MODULE]
[-d DISPLAY] [-u] [-v]

optional arguments: -h, --helpshow this help message and exit -t TARGET, --target TARGET Target URL and IP Address $ e.g -t -tf TARGETFILE, --targetfile TARGETFILE Target file(list) URL and IP Address $ e.g -tf ./target.list -p PORT, --port PORT Custom Port / Default: 443 $ e.g -p 8080 -m MODULE, --module MODULE Check SSL Vuln with one module [anonymous]: Anonymous Cipher [crime]: Crime(SPDY) [heart]: HeartBleed [ccs]: CCS Injection [poodle]: SSLv3 POODLE [freak]: OpenSSL FREAK [logjam]: OpenSSL LOGJAM [drown]: SSLv2 DROWN -d DISPLAY, --display DISPLAY Display output [Y,y] Show output [N,n] Hide output -o OUT, --out OUT Result write to file $ e.g -o /home/yourdir/result.txt -u, --update Update A2SV (GIT) -v, --version Show Version

[Scan SSL Vulnerability]

$ python a2sv.py -t

$ python a2sv.py -t -m heartbleed

$ python a2sv.py -t -d n

$ python a2sv.py -t -p 8111

$ python a2sv.py -tf target_list.txt

[Update A2SV]

$ python a2sv.py -u

$ python a2sv.py --update

4. Support

The answer is very slow because it's a project that I could't careful about.

5. Donate

I like coffee! I'm a coffee addict.
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6. Screen shot

7. Code Reference Site

- poodle : https://github.com/supersam654/Poodle-Checker

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