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Live Event

This library holds a class to handle single live events in Android MVVM architectural pattern. This class is extended form LiveData class, from

library, to propagate the data as an event, which means it emits data just once, not after configuration changes again. Note that event will only be sent to active observers, any observers that started observing after the emit won't be notified of the event.


This source has a sample app where you can find

in it, in which the
class is used as follows. ```kotlin class LiveEventViewModel : ViewModel() { private val clickedState = LiveEvent() val state: LiveData = clickedState
fun clicked() {
    clickedState.value = ...

} ```


Download via gradle

implementation "com.github.hadilq.liveevent:liveevent:$libVersion"
where the
is Maven Central.


Just create your branch from the master branch, change it, write additional tests, satisfy all tests, create your pull request, thank you, you're awesome.

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