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Hackershare is a powerful social bookmarking service and a knowledge-sharing community, with advanced search and tag management feature

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Social bookmarks website for hackers. Alternative to delicious, hackernews, pocket. Hackershare is the open source software which powers

There is also a project introduction article for your reference: hackershare: Social bookmarking reinvented!



  • Postgresql 12
  • Rails 6
  • Stimulusjs
  • Turbolinks 5
  • rails-ujs
  • imagemagic
  • redis

Setup local

Setup by Docker

  1. Make a copy of the example environment file and modify as required [optional].
cp .docker.env .env
  1. Build the images.
docker-compose build
  1. After building the image or after destroying the stack you would have to reset the database using the following command.
docker-compose run --rm rails bundle exec rails db:create
docker-compose run --rm rails bundle exec rails db:migrate
docker-compose run --rm rails bundle exec rails db:seed_fu


docker-compose run --rm rails bundle exec rails db:reset docker-compose run --rm rails bundle exec rails db:seed_fu

  1. Run app
docker-compose up
  1. stop app
docker-compose down


  • Nginx conf sync: bundle exec cap production puma:nginx_config
  • Deploy: bundle exec cap production deploy

chrome extension


refresh sitemap

  • bundle exec rake sitemap:refresh

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