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real time application to measure heart rate

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  • Heart Rate (HR) is one of the most important Physiological parameter and a vital indicator of people‘s physiological state
  • A non-contact based system to measure Heart Rate: real-time application using camera
  • Principal: extract heart rate information from facial skin color variation caused by blood circulation
  • Application: monitoring drivers‘ physiological state


  • Detect face, align and get ROI using facial landmarks
  • Apply band pass filter with fl = 0.8 Hz and fh = 3 Hz, which are 48 and 180 bpm respectively
  • Average color value of ROI in each frame is calculate pushed to a data buffer which is 150 in length
  • FFT the data buffer. The highest peak is Heart rate
  • Amplify color to make the color variation visible


pip install -r requirements.txt


  • In case of plotting graphs, run ""
  • For the Eulerian Video Magnification implementation, run ""


  • Data from a specialized device, Compact 5 medical Econet, is used for the ground truth. In certain circumstances, the Heart rate values measured using the application and the device are the same


  • Real Time Heart Rate Monitoring From Facial RGB Color Video Using Webcam by H. Rahman, M.U. Ahmed, S. Begum, P. Funk
  • Remote Monitoring of Heart Rate using Multispectral Imaging in Group 2, 18-551, Spring 2015 by Michael Kellman Carnegie (Mellon University), Sophia Zikanova (Carnegie Mellon University) and Bryan Phipps (Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Non-contact, automated cardiac pulse measurements using video imaging and blind source separation by Ming-Zher Poh, Daniel J. McDuff, and Rosalind W. Picard
  • Camera-based Heart Rate Monitoring by Janus Nørtoft Jensen and Morten Hannemose
  • Graphs plotting is based on


  • Application can only detect HR for 1 people at a time
  • Sudden change can cause incorrect HR calculation. In the most case, HR can be correctly detected after 10 seconds being stable infront of the camera
  • This github project is for study purpose only. For other purposes, please contact me at [email protected]

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