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Automation for Unity games

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A library for game automation.

Unium is an library for unity that facilities automation. It exposes an HTTP API that can be used for tools or testing.

There are two parts:

  • A web server that is embedded into the game
  • A query language sits on top that lets you search and manipulate the scene graph

This provides a flexible interface so you can remotely control and inspect your game as it runs. If necessary, you can add your own endpoints to the underlying web server to do custom operations.

Getting Started

The Tutorial

For the tutorial

  • Clone the unium repository
  • Open the project in Unity
  • Open the Tutorial scene in the editor
  • Hit play

Your default browser should open automatically.

The tutorial is best experienced with the editor and browser side-by-side.

Documentation can be found in unium.pdf.

See also the FAQ

For Your Project

There are several ways of installing the unium library in your project.

The preferred approach

  • Use the unity package manager (see below)

Alternatively you can

NB: Remember to enable the

development build
flag if you are making builds (unium is disabled for release by default).

Package Manager

As of

you can use the unity packaging to add unium directly. The
branch of the repository contains just the library setup for use with the package manager.

There are two ways to do this, either

Clone the branch into the Packages directory

cd Packages
git clone --branch upm

This adds the package as a local project dependency.

Or, add to the packages manifest

Add the following dependency to your

  "dependencies": {
    "com.gwaredd.unium": "",

This caches the dependency globally.


Writing Tests

The Unium API facilitates automated tests but is not a testing framework. Below are a number of popular frameworks that have been used with Unium.

Examples can be found in the Examples folder.


  • Compatible with Unity 2017.4.30 and up
  • The aim to is to keep it compatible with the lowest LTS version officially supported by Unity

Tutorial Video

Unium Tutorial Video

Demonstration of Unium and Appium working together

Unium with Appium

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