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The most efficient JS implementation calculating the Levenshtein distance, i.e. the difference betwe...

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js-levenshtein Build Status

A very efficient JS implementation calculating the Levenshtein distance, i.e. the difference between two strings.

Based on Wagner-Fischer dynamic programming algorithm, optimized for speed and memory - use a single distance vector instead of a matrix - loop unrolling on the outer loop - remove common prefixes/postfixes from the calculation - minimize the number of comparisons - always allocate a new distance vector in order to not leak memory


$ npm install --save js-levenshtein


const levenshtein = require('js-levenshtein');

levenshtein('kitten', 'sitting'); //=> 3


$ npm run bench

                  50 paragraphs, length max=500 min=240 avr=372.5
         162 op/s » js-levenshtein
          98 op/s » talisman
          94 op/s » levenshtein-edit-distance
          85 op/s » leven
          39 op/s » fast-levenshtein

                  100 sentences, length max=170 min=6 avr=57.5
       3,076 op/s » js-levenshtein
       2,024 op/s » talisman
       1,817 op/s » levenshtein-edit-distance
       1,633 op/s » leven
         800 op/s » fast-levenshtein

                  2000 words, length max=20 min=3 avr=9.5
       3,119 op/s » js-levenshtein
       2,416 op/s » talisman
       2,141 op/s » levenshtein-edit-distance
       1,855 op/s » leven
       1,260 op/s » fast-levenshtein

Benchmarks was performed with node v8.12.0 on a MacBook Pro 15", 2.9 GHz Intel Core i9


MIT © Gustaf Andersson

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