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Super-slow yet very educative Bitcoin miner in Javascript/NodeJS

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Super-slow yet very educative Bitcoin miner (BTC/BCH) in Javascript


$ npm install bitcoin-miner


const BTCMiner = require('bitcoin-miner');
// View this block in Block Explorer:
// Get it in JSON format:
const block = {
    version: 536870912,
    previousblockhash: '00000000000000000061abcd4f51d81ddba5498cff67fed44b287de0990b7266',
    merkleroot: '871148c57dad60c0cde483233b099daa3e6492a91c13b337a5413a4c4f842978',
    time: 1515252561,
    bits: '180091c1'
let nonce = 45291990 // initial nonce

const miner = new BTCMiner(block);

// Calculate the target based on current dificulty for this block (block.bits) const target = miner.getTarget(); console.log('The target for this block is:'); console.log(target.toString('hex'));

let hash; let found = false;

console.log('\n[Start Mining with initial nonce:', nonce, ']'); while (nonce < (45291990+10000) && !found) { // check the next 1000 nonces starting from 45291990 hash = miner.getHash(nonce); found = miner.checkHash(hash); console.log(hash.toString('hex'), nonce, found ? '

Example Output

Terminal Output



Returns the target

for that block based on it's bits (difficulty).


Returns the sha256sha256 hash

for that block's nonce.


Returns a

with true if the hash is lower than the target and viceversa.

checkHash(block, hash)

Print colored verification of the hash against the target on the console (the code shows another way to build the block header in javascript).



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