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A tool to help you debug TransactionTooLargeExceptions on Android 7+

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A tool for debugging

on Android.

"Most underrated solution." - Kedar Paranjape, Jun 7 '18 at 14:26


  1. Include
    as a dependency (you can remove it again once you've debugged your crash):
- `toolargetool` is available from `mavenCentral()`

  • Add implementation '' in your module's build.gradle:

    dependencies {
        implementation ''

  1. Import The package

  2. import;

  3. Add code to start logging during app start, for example in your



  4. Monitor logcat output to see which components are writing substantial data to the transaction buffer and when:

    $ adb logcat -s TooLargeTool

Example logcat output (TODO: improve this example):

   D/TooLargeTool: MainActivity.onSaveInstanceState wrote: [email protected] contains 1 keys and measures 0.6 KB when serialized as a Parcel
                                                                           * android:viewHierarchyState = 0.6 KB

Release process

Note: these instructions will only work if you have the required credentials for publishing to the
Sonatype repository.

  1. Increase all the version number in
  2. Make a commit and tag it with
    git tag -a v -m ""
  3. Run
    ./gradlew publishReleasePublicationToSnapshotRepository

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