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dead simple pull to refresh. you probably shouldn't use this.

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Note: I would avoid using this right now, at least until I find time to resolve a number of issues with it.

It is: - a pull-to-refresh implementation - very easy to implement - doesn't suck

To implement it: - add the four files (PullToRefreshView.{h,m}, arrow.png and [email protected]) to your project - add the Quartz framework to your project if you haven't done so yet - #import "PullToRefreshView.h" - add QuartzCore to your project - add an ivar: PullToRefreshView *pull; // or whatever you want to name it - in loadView or viewDidLoad, add this (and be sure to release in dealloc/viewDidUnload, etc): pull = [[PullToRefreshView alloc] initWithScrollView:]; [pull setDelegate:self]; [ addSubview:pull]; - in dealloc and viewDidUnload, add calls to: [pull containingViewDidUnload]; to unwind the view hierarchy. - implement two delegate methods: // called when the user pulls-to-refresh - (void)pullToRefreshViewShouldRefresh:(PullToRefreshView *)view; // called when the date shown needs to be updated, optional - (NSDate *)pullToRefreshViewLastUpdated:(PullToRefreshView *)view; - call -finishedLoading on the PullToRefreshView when you finished loading (or got an error, etc) - that's it! no need to forward on UIScrollView delegate methods or anything silly like that.

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