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ECP5 breakout board in a feather physical format

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ECP5 FPGA Feather development board.

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What is it?

There aren't many OSHW ECP5 boards available. Given that this FPGA is fully supported by an open source toolchain I decided to create one. In order to make use of the DDR3L support the ECP5 has, I've added some DDR3L memory. The board matches the feather format

Hardware Overview

  • Lattice ECP5-25F FPGA in csfBGA285 package
    • 24 K - Look Up Tables
    • 1008 Kb - Embedded Block RAM
    • 194 Kb - Distributed RAM
    • 28 - 18x18 Multipliers
    • PLLs: 2
    • Internal oscillator
    • Flexible I/O for DDR3 Memory Support
  • DDR3L Memory
    • 128 Mbytes (1Gbit)
    • 64M x16
    • 1.35V low voltage operation
  • Micro USB connection
    • Full-speed (12Mbit) USB with direct connection to FPGA
  • Non-volatile Storage
    • 128Mbit QSPI FLASH Memory
      • Bootloader (First 4Mbits)
      • User Bitstream
      • User storage (Firmware/MSC backend/etc)
      • QSPI compatible
    • MicroSD socket
      • 4bit SD interface (CK, CMD, DAT0-3)
  • Power supply
    • High effeciency DCDC for main supplies
    • Battery charger (100mA), with charge indicator LED
    • LiPo battery connector (PH type)
  • 48MHz onboard oscillator
  • Standard 0.05" JTAG connector
  • User I/O
    • 1x Button
    • 1x RGB LED
    • 20x I/O on 0.1" headers
  • Analog System
    • Analog Mux
    • SAR ADC, external RC / input comparator of FPGA
    • Digital bypass
    • Internal channels for supply monitor
    • Battery voltage sensing
  • Feather Format Board
    • Dimensions: 22.86mm x 50.8mm (0.9" x 2.0")

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Example code

Example code for Verilog, Litex, And RiscV can be found here:


We have an OrangeCrab group on the 1BitSquared Discord



  • Hardware in this repository is licenced under CERN OHL v1.2
  • Gateware/Software/Firmware in this repository is licenced under MIT unless otherise indicated

## Open Source Hardware This board is an OSHWA approved design: AU000006

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