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Plug (Phoenix) integration for GraphQL Elixir

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GraphQL Plug

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is a Plug integration for the GraphQL Elixir implementation of Facebook's GraphQL.

This Plug allows you to easily mount a GraphQL endpoint in Phoenix. This example project shows you how:


  1. Make a new Phoenix app, or add it to your existing app.

    mix hello_graphql
    cd hello_graphql
    git clone
  2. Add

    to your list of dependencies and applications in
    and install the package with
    mix deps.get
    def application do
      # Add the application to your list of applications.
      # This will ensure that it will be included in a release.
      [applications: [:logger, :plug_graphql]]

    def deps do [{:plug_graphql, "~> 0.3.1"}] end


  1. Define a simple schema in

    defmodule TestSchema do
      def schema do
          query: %GraphQL.Type.ObjectType{
            name: "Hello",
            fields: %{
              greeting: %{
                type: %GraphQL.Type.String{},
                args: %{
                  name: %{
                    type: %GraphQL.Type.String{}
                resolve: {TestSchema, :greeting}

    def greeting(_, %{name: name}, ), do: "Hello, #{name}!" def greeting(, _, _), do: "Hello, world!" end

  2. Your

    pipeline should have this as a minimum:
    pipeline :api do
      plug :accepts, ["json"]
  3. Mount the GraphQL endpoint as follows:

    scope "/api" do
      pipe_through :api

    forward "/", GraphQL.Plug, schema: {TestSchema, :schema} end

  4. Start Phoenix

    mix phoenix.server
  5. Open your browser to

    and you should see something like this:
      "data": {
        "greeting": "Hello, world!"


This is pretty early days, the GraphQL Elixir ecosystem needs a lot more work to be useful.

However we can't get there without your help, so any questions, bug reports, feedback, feature requests and/or PRs are most welcome!


Thanks and appreciation goes to the following contributors for PRs, discussions, answering many questions and providing helpful feedback:

  • Daniel Neighman (
  • Chris McCord (
  • Aaron Weiker (
  • James Hiscock (

Thanks also to everyone who has submitted PRs, logged issues, given feedback or asked questions.

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