by goutte

A short Godot addon that adds a TrackballCamera node without gimbal lock.

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TrackballCamera for Godot

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A Godot

addon that adds a
node without gimbal lock.


responds to input from mouse, keyboard, joystick and touch, in order to rotate around its parent node while facing it.

A version for Godot

is available as well.


  • stays around its parent node, even if the latter moves
  • no gimbal lock (quaternions FTW)
  • camera inertia for a smoother experience
  • the parent node does not have to be centered in the camera's view
  • analog camera control with joystick, courtesy of @marcello505 (in #4)
  • a bunch of parameters to configure everything as you want it


The installation is as usual, through the Assets Library. Then, enable the plugin in

Scene > Project Settings > Plugins

You can also simply copy the files of this project into yours, it should work.


Make the

a child of the node to trackball around. Make sure your camera initially faces said node, and is at a proper distance from it. The initial position of your camera matters. The node does not need to be in the center.

You can also use this camera to look around you if you place it atop its parent node, spatially. It's going to rotate around itself, and that amounts to looking around. You'll probably want to set

to true in that case.


  • [ ] Test if touch works on android and html5, try
    otherwise. (see #6)

Feedback and contributions are welcome!

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