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Linux configs v4 ; modular design for GNU stow

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Aliases and Functions are usually in:

aliasrc bashrc zshrc
  • I try to write notes on each sh/t in the config, hope that helps =)

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Fresh Install Info

sudo pacman -S git stow cd ~/Public git clone mkdir -p ~/Downloads/stowbackup mv ~/.bashrc ~/Downloads/stowbackup # symlink all files in dotfiles dir to home dir cd ~/Public/dotfiles # link only folders (trailing slash) stow -v -t ~ \*/ # delete (-D flag) stow -v -D -t ~ \*/ stow -v -D -t ~ tmux # redo link (-R) stow -v -R -t ~ \*/ stow -v -R -t ~ tmux sudo pacman -S zsh zsh-completions chsh -s /usr/bin/zsh cd ~/Public/dotfiles/zshrc git clone


aria2 atool coreutils curl gvfs htop less mlocate moreutils ranger tmux util-linux vim wget


cclive clamav cmatrix cmus finch ffmpeg glances handbrake-cli inxi livestreamer lynx mutt ncdu newsbeuter pastebinit pianobar plowshare quvi rsync samba scrot sshfs surfraw transmission-cli transmission-remote-cli w3m weechat xclip youtube-dl

Terminal Games



mplayer mpv parcellite ristretto vlc


wicd-curses trash-cli tty-clock urlview fuseiso cdw task-spooler patool mps-youtube youtube-viewer wego rtv cava

Antegros Specific

cronie openssh python2-pip syncthing yaourt

Arch AUR Specific

detox debtap fasd feednix fu-git fzf keepassc kpcli manga\_downloader mountie quicktile-git scim-spreadsheet

Pip2 Specific

flexget==1.2.128 patool periscope pyload


ubooquity tsp sopcast

Debian Specific

aptitude chkconfig cron openssh-client openssh-server python-pip surfraw-extra sysv-rc-conf task-spooler transmission-deamon weechat-plugins weechat-scripts


Google Voice RSS uBlock Origin vimium .torrent to transmission Shine for reddit

vim plugins

cd ~/.vim/bundle git clone\_vim.git git clone git clone git clone translate

pip specific



keepassc kpcli glances scim

flexget syncthing ubooquity pyload feednix periscope fu translate manga-downloader pip2 inxi patool fzf fasd mountie

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