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A global proxy for Go modules.

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A global proxy for go modules. see:


It invokes the local go command to answer requests.
The default cacheDir is GOPATH, you can set it up by yourself according to the situation.


git clone
cd goproxy


Proxy mode

./bin/goproxy -listen= -cacheDir=/tmp/test

If you run

go get -v pkg
in the proxy machine, should set a new GOPATH which is different from the old GOPATH, or mayebe deadlock. See the file test/

Router mode

./bin/goproxy -listen= -proxy

Use the -proxy flag switch to "Router mode", which implements route filter to routing private module or public module .

                      +----------------------------------> private repo
                  +---+---+           +----------+
go get  +-------> |goproxy| +-------> || +--->
                  +-------+           +----------+
                 router mode           proxy mode

In Router mode, use the -exclude flag set pattern , direct to the repo which match the module path, pattern are matched to the full path specified, not only to the host component.

./bin/goproxy -listen= -cacheDir=/tmp/test -proxy -exclude "*,"

Use docker image

docker run -d -p80:8081 goproxy/goproxy

Use the -v flag to persisting the proxy module data (change cacheDir to your own dir):

docker run -d -p80:8081 -v cacheDir:/go goproxy/goproxy

Docker Compose

docker-compose up


  1. set
    export GOPROXY=http://localhost
    to enable your goproxy.
  2. set
    export GOPROXY=direct
    to disable it.

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