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Java libraries and HBase client extensions for accessing Google Cloud Bigtable

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Google Cloud Bigtable HBase client for Java

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Google Cloud Bigtable is Google's NoSQL Big Data database service. It's the same database that powers many core Google services, including Search, Analytics, Maps, and Gmail.

Bigtable is designed to handle massive workloads at consistent low latency and high throughput, so it's a great choice for both operational and analytical applications, including IoT, user analytics, and financial data analysis.

Bigtable provisions and scales to hundreds of petabytes automatically, and can smoothly handle millions of operations per second. Changes to the deployment configuration are immediate, so there is no downtime during reconfiguration.

Bigtable integrates easily with popular Big Data tools like Hadoop, as well as Google Cloud Platform products like Cloud Dataflow and Dataproc. Plus, Bigtable supports the open-source, industry-standard HBase API, which makes it easy for development teams to get started.

Note: Please use google-cloud-bigtable to access Bigtable APIs instead of

. These artifacts are meant to wrap HBase over Bigtable API.

Project setup, installation, and configuration


Using the Java client

  • Add the appropriate Cloud Bigtable artifact dependencies to your Maven project.
    • bigtable-hbase-1.x
      : use for standalone applications where you are in control of your dependencies.
    • bigtable-hbase-1.x-hadoop
      : use in hadoop environments.
    • bigtable-hbase-1.x-mapreduce
      : use for map/reduce utilities.
    • bigtable-hbase-1.x-shaded
      : use in environments (other than hadoop) that require older versions of protobuf, guava, etc.
    • bigtable-hbase-2.x
      : use for standalone applications where you are in control of your dependencies. This includes an HBase async client.
    • bigtable-hbase-2.x-hadoop
      : use in hadoop environments.
    • bigtable-hbase-2.x-shaded
      : use in environments (other than hadoop) that require older versions of protobuf, guava, etc.




  compile ''


  libraryDependencies += "" % "bigtable-hbase-1.x" % "1.14.1"

Questions and discussions

If you have questions or run into issues with Google Cloud Bigtable or the client libraries, use any of the following forums:

You can also subscribe to [email protected] list to receive infrequent product and client library announcements.

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Contributing changes

See for more information on how to contribute to this project.


Apache 2.0; see LICENSE for details.

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