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XPath-based Parsing Framework (XPaF)

XPath-based Parsing Framework (XPaF) is a simple, fast, open-source parsing framework that makes it easy to extract relations (subject-predicate-object triples) from HTML and XML documents.

Documentation is available here.

Copyright 2011 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Installation instructions

  1. Install libraries (see platform-specific instructions below)

  2. Build xpaf, run tests, and install

   make check
  1. Clean up
   make clean
   make maintainer-clean

Linux installation instructions

  1. Install autotools
   apt-get install autoconf automake libtool
  1. Install libraries
   apt-get install gflags libgtest-dev libprotobuf-dev libxml2 protobuf-compiler
  1. Install re2 library
   hg clone re2
   cd re2
   make install
  1. Run ldconfig to set up symlinks for libraries
   ldconfig -n /usr/lib /usr/local/lib

OS X installation instructions

  1. Install Homebrew (

  2. Install libraries

   brew install automake libtool gflags libxml2 protobuf re2
  1. Install gtest library
   curl -O
   cd gtest-1.7.0
   cp -a include/gtest /usr/local/include
   cp -a lib/.libs/*.{a,dylib} /usr/local/lib/

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